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I've started a collection...

2008-02-13 00:36:07 by Kuro

Well not me, per se, but my mother decided to buy me a Japanese action figure-y thing from a trip to Australia. So I'm now the proud owner of a Vaan action figure. The lonely thing staring at me on my desk is making me consider starting a collection, but the extravagant prices of things is nudging me away from it.

Only time will tell.

It's decently well made, even if Vaan wasn't the best of characters,

I've started a collection...

2 days to go...

2008-02-11 23:02:30 by Kuro

Oh I'm just giddy with anticipation.

2 days to go...

Oh internet...

2008-02-08 16:57:13 by Kuro

How I love you some times.

EDIT: All in all, my source search has been fruitless. But not all is lost, because I have managed to find one of the most intentionally funny doujins I've read.

Oh internet...

God damnit!

2008-02-08 00:10:25 by Kuro

You said it would be one to three days to start shipping, Anime Wild, ONE TO THREE DAYS!


In what mixed up Mother Goose land are you living in, which five is between one and three? Huh? TELL ME THAT WILL YOU!?

You can't can you? You just bloody can't! BECAUSE YOU'RE IN OUR REALITY, AND FIVE IS TWO MORE THAN THREE!

Curse you, Anime Wild.


In other news, my order has shipped. Yay! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get it within the next 3 months.

God damnit!

The rest are gone.

2008-02-06 05:39:53 by Kuro

I stand alone.

The rest are gone.

New purchase.

2008-02-04 04:00:45 by Kuro

I'm going to be the tool that I'm trying to be, and in turn comment on what I have recently purchased.

I've decided to join, or continue to join the ranks of internet shoppers, and just tonight bought two wall scrolls from Anime Wild(!). This will aid incovering up any point of my room which isn't dripping with colour.

Now, being in such an isolated island country, I have to deal with some ridiculous costs on shipping ($30 NZD, what the hell?), and what I assume will be a long shipping time, but hey, I'm trying to expand on my internet shopping ventures, which till now have been limited to video games.

And anyway, since everything has to be imported here, it's not as if I could have gotten anything like for cheaper.

But anyway, yeah. New purchases have set me back more than they should have, but I'm still in the new purchase euphoria stage, so I'm fine with it.

Both of the posters/wall scrolls/whatever they are, are Haruhi themed (because they're like so totally kawaii ^_____^), just like the boring faggot I am (had to resist buying one covered in the main characters in bunny suits, due to the fact that I'd have a poster of bunny girls on my wall).

Now to just hope that Anime Wild (!) is reliable, that the wall scrolls are as big as I assume they are, and that it won't take too long to arrive (this I'm not too hopeful about).

New purchase.

Moving on.

2008-01-31 22:37:07 by Kuro

Today I got to miss out my last two periods (of which one was a free period), in favour of peer support. This involved every final year student going to the beach with every new student, in house groups.

Upon my arrival, instead of scurrying around with a rugby ball like the rest, I sat down on a hill, opened my bag, and pulled out Atonement (the book I am studying for English). I then proceeded to spend the rest of the beach time reading that book.

That's right. I went to the beach, on a nice, clear, sunny and hot day, and did school work.

I feel that as Head of Academic Support for my house, I was providing a positive influence for the younglings.

In other news, Atonement is a great book. Though I have seen the movie, and thus know every event that happens, the well-written book is still managing to grip me, and pull me in. Though I'm sure it would be better had I not seen the movie.

Moving on.

One week down...

2008-01-29 23:41:59 by Kuro

15 days to go...

I started back at school today. For this, my final year, I was given the role of Head of Academic Support, and Head of Interhouse Quiz for my house. I'm sure that will be fun.

Today I went to school before 8, which was difficult for me, and discovered that all we would do during the day was help out the new entrants. We were each given a buddy, to coach about the school. Mine was some form of high performance athlete, and didn't bother to talk much, instead associating with his newborn friends.

We ended up being dismissed at 12:30, and I went off and played monopoly with friends (which we never finished, as is tradition).

Interesting experiences.

One week down...

News post +1

2008-01-27 08:53:22 by Kuro

I see many profiles, and their news posts are numerous. It is so, that I feel ashamed at my small number. I will endeavour to endeavour to focus more efforts on my own Newgrounds web log, and thus increase my count from a mere 9 (now 10) to newfound heights.

Clearly this means that my news posts will be excessively clogged with redundant statements, quotations, and narrations on my life, but in order to succeed in my goal I shall have to fight my way through.

Ah, but this would require my life to be eventful for me to have things to comment on, which alas it sadly has just not been. This also I will attempt to work through.

About the most interesting of things that has happened to me this week is that I went to go and see a moving picture. For this I saw the film "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", which though it may have been released in December of last year in the US, it has only just 5 days prior been released here, and one day later had I seen it. I felt that this film was quite good, and worth the $12.50 I payed to see it. Johnny Depp was good in turning what in the stage production was more a loud and full character, into a more dark and gloomy take on the classic murderer , to fit into the gothic style of Tim Burton's imagery (not that the original was all that jolly, either). Helena Bonham Carter also deserves mention for turning the character of Nellie Lovett from the loud, boisterous, fishwife-y laugh getter into a more lonely, and obsessive character, while still remaining funny.

The style was typical Burton fare, with very little colours (aside from scenes in which characters remember happier times, and dream of future ones), and opting for a dark, gothic tone, to fit with the serial killer vibe. The sets were well designed, and I was fond of the costumes.

The singing, while not being as technically impressive as their stage counterparts, was good, and better than I expected, in fact. The tunes were as catchy as they were ridiculously complicated, and the characters managed to pull them off well. I still feel that it shows that both of the main characters were hired for their affiliation with Tim Burton, but they still did well in their roles.

I was surprised that me and my friends were the ones laughing the most during the film. While not being an outright comedy, it still quite clearly shows comedic elements. You cannot help but laugh during such scenes as the overtly comedic "A Little Priest", and to Sweeney's inattentive throat slitting during the Johanna reprise.

Overall, I would rate the film 4 stars (out of 5).

Now that I've gotten my pretentious, and likely terrible, film review out of the way, moving onto other matters.

I have managed to finish Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (for the PSP), which is the game I had been playing. The game was good, but the plot was all over the place. And the difficulty fluctuated. It started out easy, as any game would, but then began to get harder to the point where I actually died a few times. Then about halfway through the game, it got a lot easier again, due to me getting some good job classes. The arithmetician class made battles exceedingly easy, after I was able to start off almost any battle, press "CT", "Multiple of 3" and "Holy", and then kill absolutely everyone on the map, other than the mage using it. Then after I got Balthier, I was able to end many a battle quickly, due to his long range, and high attack, meaning he could easily pick off the boss of a stage within his first turn. Still, I enjoyed the game, though it was best when I actually had to think out strategies to beat the game. I'd probably rate that a 4/5 as well, though if I was reviewing in a professional video game reviewer mentality, that'd probably be a 7/5.

After completing this I was distraught for a short while, as I had the realisation that I had no more games to play. However, as luck would have it, about an hour after completing it, what do I discover? Lo and behold that the Gamesman telephone to inform that my Playstation 2 has been fixed (it had a lens problem of some sort), and thus I am able to pick that up, and subsequently play God of War 2, which I have been waiting some time to play. I may also attempt to finish off some of my older games, so I don't feel bad about buying them.

Another thing that, though it may not be necessary, I feel like mentioning is that just recently (10 days ago) I got my exam results back, from my final exams last year. I managed to achieve NCEA Level 2 (the level that I was at), with excellence, which places me at the top 3-6% of the country. Oh what a lovely pulsating brain I was blessed to be gifted with.

I also got a grade point average of 79 (which may not seem like much, but if you knew the terrible marking system, you'd understand), which means that this year I will (likely) be receiving a blue academic tie to wear as part of my school uniform, instead of a red (well it's more of a carmine) one. This will enhance my gloating powers ten fold. This makes me especially happy, as I had missed out on it last year, due to substandard results.

Speaking of which, I am returning back to school this Wednesday, to my final secondary school year. Though I will also have to do school related activities on Tuesday, as I am required to attend a peer support training programme, or something of the sorts, due to me now being a role model for the fresh meat. Unfortunately this may mean that this year I will have to associate with the younger generation, unlike my previous years with merely associating within my form.

And with that, I have emptied my supply of news topics, left with a dry well. My experiment in narrative news posts is over, for the while, and will be awaiting further evolution. I am now struggling to see if anybody could possibly fill the extraordinarily high limit of 32768 characters, with only a small amount under 6000 has been filled with this body.

I bid the reader a happy future.

"I'd want you beautiful and pale, the way I dreamed you were..."

News post +1


2008-01-23 04:24:19 by Kuro

You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 22 days. You have 21 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes and 52 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: Picture Spamming. - UB

3 weeks without Newgrounds, how will I cope?

I have become dependent on this website, and it has shut me out.

I feel abused, betrayed; how could they treat me this way?

After all I have done for this site, this is how they thank me?!

I will not tolerate this, I will not take this vile behaviour sitting down!

I'm going to rise up, throw open the door, and feel the burning sun on my pale white skin!

If Newgrounds doesn't want me, I don't need it!

I will throw open the shackles of slavery this site has put me under!


This is me contemplating my eternal leave of these hellish walls.