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2008-03-08 15:42:16 by Kuro

Another drawing by me.

He is 17 years old.

Due to a severe case of hereditary retinoschisis he is blind in one eye, and the other eye is fuzzy.

His hair has partially turned white due to stress.

No other back story has been written, thus far.


More Evelyn

2008-03-06 01:21:02 by Kuro

I decided to finish off the design of Evelyn, and even write a back story.

She's 13. When she was 11 her parents, and older brother were murdered in her home. An attempt on her life was also made, through the means of slitting her throat. She managed to survive that, miraculously, and was sent to live in an orphanage.

At the orphanage, she was distant from everyone else, and mostly sat up on her bed, not speaking to anyone. Eventually, unable to take the small crowds inside, she ran away.

She now lives on the streets, generally wandering from place to place.

She listens to music on her large earphones in an attempt to disconnect herself from reality, and other people.

She wears the large coat both because it reminds her of her parents (it is her late father's coat), and because she feels it can protect her from the harshness of life (due to its large size, it feels like a shield of sorts).

She keeps various mementos she has gathered over the past two years within her backpack.

More Evelyn


2008-03-05 01:53:20 by Kuro

I feel like using this blog currently to show off a drawing I did.

This one came about during a 50 minute study period today, in which I was sitting by myself in the common room for a change, since it's usually got a few people in it listening to music.

I drew it with the idea that I wanted to draw a picture with some quirk to its character design, in order to make it more interesting, so on go to giant earphones, the over-sized jacket, etc.

The character's name shall be Evelyn, or Eve, and due to the bandages I added on her neck, may be some form of vampire.



2008-03-01 20:54:07 by Kuro

I have decided that Bikko is one of the best character designs ever.



2008-03-01 15:41:14 by Kuro



I wished for rain.

2008-03-01 02:12:19 by Kuro

I got it.

It's very depressing.

I wished for rain.


2008-02-22 00:04:43 by Kuro

The only thing I go to General for is to make myself feel better about myself.

Normally, during my day, I just go around thinking "yeah, sure, I'm pretty smart. I'd say I'm above average" - this is exactly the thought that sticks in my mind all day - but as soon as I press the button on my mouse down on BBS - General, my self esteem shoots up.

I see all these people, with their little threads like "where do you ejaculate when you masturbate?", and "OH GOD, MY LIFE SUCKS, I DON'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND", and some such, and I smirk to myself, as I am inherently a better person than all of these people.

In the General forum, I can simply strut into a thread - I strut, because I'm cool like that- skim over the - certainly vulgar, inarticulate, and just plain terrible - first post, and then blatantly announce my superiority over everyone that has posted in the thread, through the use of sarcasm so thinly veiled that it actually gives out light.

I am just so god damn awesome.



2008-02-19 22:26:57 by Kuro

It's ridiculously hot, and I don't have anything to cool myself down with.

Life is not kind to me.

EDIT: Heat continues much. I had to spend a decent amount of the day in the school library, where they have a fan.

EDITx2: Somebody, please kill me now.

EDITx3: I bought myself a popsicle, and I couldn't be happier.



2008-02-17 22:04:42 by Kuro

I'm quite impressed with the US Postal Service at the moment.

My order went into shipping a little over a week ago, and already it has arrived.

That's about the bare minimum I would have guessed for the amount of time it would take to arrive.

Now I can sit back and stare at my wall for a few hours.

Okay, now what the fuck?

2008-02-14 03:22:08 by Kuro


Over 50,000 views for my Lolicon flash.

I mean, I know it's awesome, but seriously. It's had no exposure, so this means that 50,000 or so people have actively searched up the word "lolicon", and then clicked on my flash.

What is wrong with Newgrounds?

I wish we still had those little page views trophies, so I could have something I'm proud of.

Also, I'm unbanned; I feel like I have been re-united with an old love.

Okay, now what the fuck?