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Why do I keep coming here?

2008-11-17 22:54:42 by Kuro

I know I'm reading the same inane bantering over and over again.

The same unfunny jokes. The same faux-intellectual rants. The same everything.

What the hell is it that keeps me here?

Why do I keep coming here?

NG Calendar Submition

2008-10-08 03:29:22 by Kuro

For the first time in a while I'm gonna make a post about a picture I drew.

This one was made for the NG Calendar.

I just took a picture I did a little while ago for the Pico day art contest (HERE), and completely redid it, since I figured that that one looked bad, but the idea was kinda okay.

So here's Nene. Just chilling.


NG Calendar Submition

Final Fantasy VII music

2008-09-30 08:07:15 by Kuro

I just downloaded, and listened to, Voices of the Lifestream - an album made by members of the OC Remix comunity which contains three and a half hours of Final Fantasy VII remixes.

So I just listened to three and a half hours of Final Fantasy VII remixes.

While it did give me a lot of nostalgia, it also gave me a bit of a brain destroy to listen to that much in a row since it did contain a decent amount of technoshit.

There were some genuinely interesting compositions that made the attempt to turn video game music into not video game music though.

Overall, it's a pretty okay album. I'd recommend downloading it to anyone who liked Final Fantasy VII and its music.

Final Fantasy VII music

First day of my study leave...

2008-09-26 17:01:36 by Kuro

...And I'm sick for the first time this year.

What a bother.

First day of my study leave...


2008-09-06 08:15:26 by Kuro

Is disappointingly mediocre.


The Orange Box

2008-08-31 07:16:11 by Kuro

Wow, another video game post.

So I just purchased the Orange Box, because sometimes when I want to purchase one game, I want to purchase 5 games.

Nothing of it is downloaded, aside from Peggle Extreme.

I had played Peggle before, but never as extreme as this.

EDIT: Everything else has now downloaded.

I have learned that Team Fortress 2 is fun, but I'm terrible at it, and that Portal is the only game in which it is fun to run around in circles.


2008-08-20 00:18:02 by Kuro

I just got F.E.A.R. yesterday.

It's pretty fun.

A few of the ways it tries to scare you left me with a bit of a facepalm, but there were some legitimate scares.

And you know a game is pretty cool when it has a little girl walking towards you with explosions detonating alongside every step she takes.

EDIT: F.E.A.R. is not a good game for those moments when you just feel like shooting things. At those points it's just kind've annoying to have all the scary stuff popping out at you.

EDIT 2: Completed F.E.A.R.

It had a cool ending.



2008-08-15 17:10:05 by Kuro

I just discovered due to a PM from Sgwarrior that my flash Lolicon was not in fact the original flash I submitted, but an infinite loop of some unfunny car.

This must have occured back when I was hacked, but since then I had managed to lose the original file for the flash.

Thus I did the only logical thing I could have done.

I recreated it, based on my memories of what it looked like.

Also, it managed to hit 100,000 views last month, so wow.


Got my account back

2008-08-01 08:42:18 by Kuro


I also got a new computer yesterday, so I'm a happy man.

Got my account back


2008-07-25 21:18:22 by Kuro

Why do you gain pleasure out of tormenting me so?