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Well animated.

It was well animated, I'll give you that.

But the whole idea of future Aladdin could have been taken much further, rather than just setting it in a classic Arabian setting, interspersed with a couple of modern-vaguely futuristic technologies.

It just seemed like the future things were added in for a gimmick, rather than a plot device.

But I am curious though.

Is the fact that he turned into a lizard symbolic of is anger, or did he actually turn into a lizard?

I've been waiting for ages to see this...

When I first saw the thread on NGC, I instantly wanted to see this carried out, the idea was quite good, and it had great potential.

Finally seeing the product, it's good, but it could have been better. First of all, the filesize is far too big, I had to wait for ages to watch it, on my slow internet. Yes, I'm sure that it's because it was so long that the filesize is large.

But the length may have been a bit too long, towards the end it started to get a bit boring, after seeing so much of that sandbag suffer, it just gets to be repetative.

I loved the preloader by the way, and the whole unloading thing was not unlike something which I was wanting to put into a movie I'm making, but I didn't know how to do it, so I just said screw it.

A problem for me, was the sound. Not only did the music stop playing towards the end, the music just wasn't that good, and it didn't seem to fit the animation, you need more fast paced fighting music, and it may have worked if you had just gotten it out of a game, or a remix of music from a game, like on Over Clocked Remix. Also, in quite a few of the parts, the sound used for the fighting just seemed to be repeating, when you hear the same sound 10 times in a row, it's not too good on the ears.

Also, in some of the parts, it just seemed a little slow paced. If you're fighting a sandbag, you're hardly going to wait 20 seconds in silence, and then shoot a small beam. The parts which were almost completely punching, kicking, and using other melee fighting techniques tended to seem a cut about the rest of them.

And furthermore, what's with the blurs? There's just so much blurring in this movie, it's definately going to lag heavily on most computers which aren't designed for playing games, or other things which require alot of RAM. The blurring in this movie, lagging my computer, may have been a cause for the music stopping 1 or 2 minutes before the end, I don't know.

All in all, it's quite a good collaberation. It's a great idea, but I just don't think that it has been carried out to its true potential.

Overall: 8/10

It was good for what it was

But I think there was just a little *too* much violence to it, the killings started off cool, but then they started to get boring, and after that I even started to feel sorry for the people the character was killing.

I would've been less like this had you given the guy a reason to kill these people, but it's just him running in and stabbing and shooting them, they didn't appear to be doing anything wrong until they started defending themselves.

I also felt that near the end the guys movements looked a little too drunken, it made the animation kind've odd.

It was okay.

But your flash was just basically the first few seconds of each scene in the cartoon, it's just like watching it all over again, except faster.

Wonchop responds:

Well...that's kinda what this genre of flash is...<_<


I really enjoyed the animation, purely because it was the best animated flash I've seen yet.

The plot wasn't very original, but it was done in a good way, I quite liked the ending.

Well overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even though you will not be pursuing animation as a career, I hope that you will continue submitting flashes as good as these!



lol, who cares about ratings?

Draw plz.

PureCarnage responds:

It is... and that's your own damn fault...

Now on to that pic.


I like how I was in it!

cronic-22 responds:

and you are a pretty sick skater thanks for the 10


I loved it, make more as good as this please!


This was really funny, I really enjoyed it, I hope you make more movies as good as this

SymPathetic responds:

Thank you, I really appreciate your kindness

This was awesome

This is one of the greatest collabs NG has ever seen, I was glad to have been part of it, yay!

God save the village green.

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