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Managed to hack my PSP

2008-12-17 01:45:29 by Kuro

And by 'hack', I mean 'use other people's programs and a pre-modded battery to install custom firmware on'.

It's awesome, now I have a PSX emulator, a SNES emulator and a GBA emulator on my PSP, with a bunch of games.

Any suggestions for old games I could shove on there?


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2008-12-17 01:58:34

Besides the obvious ones... I'd say for psx: Unholy War, or for snes: pieces... kinda unpopular, but for a portable system they have the perfect "pick up and play" feel

Kuro responds:

I'll check them out.


2008-12-17 03:23:24

Hah, awesome, now for the real challenge: getting a psp emulator on your gba.


2008-12-17 05:35:22

Super Mario World for SNES. Challenging and fun, should keep you going for a while.

Kuro responds:

Way ahead of you.


2008-12-17 05:53:43


Can be done :D GBA Flash cart


2008-12-17 08:42:22

Depends what you already have. I always went with a game like Supah Mario Bros. But you could get anything from Sonic to The Blob and even Root Beer Tapper. Rampage is cool too.

Kuro responds:

Rampage was awesome when I was young.

I remember always going to the arcade to play it. That and the Simpsons arcade game, of course.


2008-12-23 03:08:48

I don't know, Chrono Trigger/Cross?

Metal Gear Solid?

Kuro responds:

I've got Chrono Trigger on there, and I might put Cross on there after I finish it (though I played like half of it before, and wasn't that impressed).

And I've played Metal Gear Solid way too much in the past.


2008-12-24 07:12:33

Get the SNES game Gods.
It's fucking awesome.


2008-12-24 07:40:32

Merry Christmas.


2008-12-25 03:48:06

Chrono Cross-Completely changed the art and MAY HAVE KILLED OFF THE CHARACTERS IN CHRONO TRIGGER!


2009-01-07 02:47:47

I'd have to agree with dylawrence and say unholy war is good. you should try Einhander, it's a very fun 3D Side scrolling shooter from square enix....yes that's right square enix. The same people who make Final fantasy.