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Just got Valkyria Chronicles.

2008-12-09 19:08:08 by Kuro

It's awesome so far.

Great visuals, in an artistic sense, though often I feel the landscapes look a little bare; excellent gameplay, though I do dislike the lack of any exploration (though that appears to be typical of strategy RPGs, I still thought it was good enough in Disgaea where you could walk around your castle); the voice acting is good, and I love how blu-ray means that the creators can easily include the original language track; it has tanks in an RPG; etc. etc.

The only real problem I have with it so far is that it was very annoying at one point to have nearly won a battle, but lost because Alicia got a little too close to a shocktrooper.

Still, good game so far. Buy it.

Just got Valkyria Chronicles.


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2008-12-10 18:45:56

Tank is tank.

More RPGs need their protagonist to be a tank commander.

Kuro responds:

It's pretty hardcore.

However, it seems silly to me when they put so much emphasis on needing tanks everywhere when I manage to get through most battles without using the tank.

I don't use it because I always fear having it die and me losing the battle as a result. It happened once that the tank got killed in one hit from full health, so yeah.


2008-12-10 19:43:08

Yeah, I recall retrying one mission about five times because stupid lancers broke through my troops and blew up the tank.

Kuro responds:

Luckily lancers are ridiculously easy to kill.

You're able to just run right up to them and put your rifle/machine gun to their head and shoot with no consequences.