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Free at last!

2008-11-30 23:29:49 by Kuro

Thank God Almighty, I am free from secondary school at last.

Now to begin my three month long break from the education system before I go to university.

Free at last!


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2008-11-30 23:34:54

hey congratulations
so what are you to do with this spare time that you have?

Kuro responds:

I dunno. Sit around and play video games?


2008-12-01 02:03:30

Hey I know pornography.

Kuro responds:

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the best shows I know I shouldn't watch for fear of losing my masculinity.


2008-12-01 16:59:55

Three months of vidya gaems sounds like a grand ol' time.

Kuro responds:

Good thing I've got a nice new Playstation 3.


2008-12-02 12:55:49

^ Fuck year, PS3.

Reminds me that I need to use mine more.

Kuro responds:

Oh, you must.

It truly is divine.


2008-12-02 16:57:20

I just got Valkyria Chronicles.

Sure is awesome.

Kuro responds:

I plan on getting that game as soon as humanly possible.

Looks like exactly my kind of game, and the demo was enjoyable.


2008-12-02 21:28:30

I was very surprised by it.

Gorgeous, cool story and kickin' sweet gameplay.

A.I. is a bit of a pickle, though. It's usually thick as a sack of hammers, but there are a few levels you'll retry like half a dozen times.

Kuro responds:

Very rarely do I see a strategy RPG that has what you'd call 'intelligent' AI.

Usually the game just uses numbers to make a battle difficult, rather than any sort of clever tactics.

Still, ever since Disgaea, I've been a fan.


2008-12-05 20:09:03



2008-12-07 02:33:51

That bitch needs to shave. jk

But yeah, congratukations.

Kuro responds:



2008-12-07 22:10:53

That's good to hear. Did well in them, I presume?

Kuro responds:

I wouldn't know yet.

But all I have to do is ace all my Japanese exams and then I will have gotten NCEA Level 3 with Excellence (the best way you can pass NCEA level 3), so I'll probably be fine.

I'll find out mid-January I believe.


2008-12-09 09:48:29

cool story bro

Kuro responds:

Improper usage.