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Ah, exam time...

2008-11-22 02:26:24 by Kuro

So I'm currently halfway through my NCEA level 3 and New Zealand scholarship exams. In a little over a week I will have finished secondary school forever. Well, hopefully.

So far I've done a scholarship chemistry exam, a scholarship statistics exam, an NCEA level 3 English exam and an NCEA level 3 Japanese exam (in which I wrote a nice review of Spirited Away). Only four exams to go.

If I pass the scholarship exams I get some money so it's not that important that I pass those, but the NCEA exams are where it counts. It's important that I pass NCEA level 3 at Excellence level.

So If I act a little... Angry, it's probably because I'm feeling a little stressed right now.

Or maybe I just don't like you. One of the two. Probably.

Ah, exam time...


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2008-11-22 03:04:28

I guess your eyes would feel like that too with the amount of studying most examiners have to take.

Kuro responds:

Oh geez, I should be studying shouldn't I?

Oh well, I'll do it tomorrow.


2008-11-22 06:05:04

oh hai.

What career do you wish to pursue.

Kuro responds:

Well I'm planning on studying Law in university.

Possibly alongside a BA of some sort.

So I'll see what happens from there.


2008-11-22 06:35:27

I love that picture.

Exams suck and nobody likes them

Kuro responds:

I've just been taking it easy, these exams.

Mostly because of how stupid NCEA is in that I have to do very little work to get the top possible grade.


2008-11-25 14:24:22

Fuck chemistry.

God, I was better at it than most sciences, but I hated the tedium of it.

Funny, I'm also thinking about studying Law. The only way to make it on this island is either to be a hockey player or a lawyer and I can't skate.

Kuro responds:

I find it a lot better than physics. In chemistry class we got to do some pretty cool experiment and the like, but with physics the only time we ever got up from doing a whole bunch of equations was to make a wave using a spring at one point.

I just took chemistry this year because I needed a science so that I could say that I was doing one of (almost) every (broad) area of education that the school offered. Also, because I did okay in it last year.

And there are way more people around me thinking of studying law than I had thought before. I had decided I wanted to do law in the first half of this year, and now I find out that by the end of the year, like... A third of my form wants to go into law.

Lots of competition.


2008-11-26 18:37:13

Organic Chemistry is better than General Chemistry. Seriously, I was in General Chemistry I (the first half of the book) and I loved it. I don't even think I learned much in the second half except about solutions and redox because my instructor died and the new one forgot how to teach. My Organic Chemistry instructor is great. He knows how to teach as well as my first general chemistry instructor. He's the business manager of the chemistry department at the University of New Orleans, so he knows how this stuff works. No math in Organic Chemistry. There's just physical properties in the first five chapters. After that, it's reactions and mechanisms. Spectroscopy was awesome though.

Kuro responds:

Organic chemistry is one of the four sections of chemistry we studied this year.

The other three are Redox, Structure and Bonding/Thermochemistry and Aqueous Systems.

And the math related questions are the easiest part of chemistry.


2008-11-27 00:37:30

Not the way this bitch asked them in the second half of General Chemistry. Each question had like 20 steps. I had to use different equations to arrive at my answer. I wish she would've given me homework that was relevant. My first instructor was awesome. The math was straight forward. I feel like I got screwed. I was looking forward to the Dr D.'s class. Aqueous systems are interesting. Ion's and shit.

I add this reagent, and get this product. I have a ____ percent chance of getting this product.

Kuro responds:

Oh well, no matter. No more chemistry for me. Ever.


2008-11-29 16:11:03

So, what are you planning on doing once you are done with school? Japanese teacher or something else?

Kuro responds:

I'm gonna go off to university and study law.

And probably Japanese.