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Okay, done, I'm done, that's it.

2009-06-11 00:39:15 by Kuro

I'm finished with this site. I know I didn't hold my promise when I left a few months ago, but this time it's it. I'm through with this site.

See you cowgirls, someday, somewhere.

Okay, done, I'm done, that's it.


2009-06-09 21:26:07 by Kuro





There's a young, insignificant boy. He lives his life normally, until by some twist of fate his previously ideal lifestyle is thrown into disarray. With the help of a small female sidekick to guide him on his way, the boy must recover the pieces of an ancient power in order to overcome the threat to the kingdom that he calls his home.

Oh, and it's set in a steam punk world filled with trains, airships and robots.

No longer is Hyrule filled with green fields, instead the industrial revolution has led to an outgrowth of Castle town, which is now a huge metropolis with several levels, the top being the upper class, and the bottom the lower. The only way to move around is through the system of trains and elevators that the tyrannical government has put in place. Airships are available to take high ranking citizens to distant lands.

Humans have staked their claim to the world, and after a war that lasted only three hours have come out on top as the dominant species. Gorons are treated as second class citizens, forced to do hard labour in the lowermost reaches of Castle Town and in Death Mountain. Death Mountain is now a towering factory, its smog staining the Hylian sky a murky brown.

With the spread of the city, Lake Hylia has been covered and the numbers of the Zora are dwindling. They can only survive in the sewers of Castle Town, and in the homes of the upper class. Fairies have since died out; the bulldozing of the forests sapped them of their power, and they were left as food for the goblins, who have since been employed by the Government.

Also, there are robots there. They're also on the lower levels.

The monarchy is still intact, but they are now only figureheads. The real power lies in the advisor to the King; a mysterious being, who never shows his face in public.

With the invention of gunpowder, the sword has shown little use in recent times. However, the only access to guns is given to top soldiers of the Government. The underground rebels that exist in the city have to settle for a hybrid between modern weapons, and the weapons of the old heroes. As they have discovered that their primitive weapons will be no match to the cannons and gatling guns that protect the Government building, they are searching for a lost magic that will grant them the revolution they desire.

The hero will join one of these underground units in order to take down the Government, and will acquire identification to allow him to proceed to higher levels of Castle Town as the game goes on.

Also, Link speaks, God damnit!

An idea for the BEST ZELDA GAME EVER.

Persona 3


I first got into Role-Playing Games of the console variety (or RPGs to use a common term) back when I was a youngster, nary more than seven years old. Naturally with my amazing intellect I possess I delighted in the slow, strategic mechanics of a turn based battle system upon first inserting the disc of Final Fantasy VII. I will take this opportunity to promise a diatribe fulmination upon any unwitting readers who project their animosity towards this stalwart shining beacon of majesty amongst rotting carrion. As my tastes became more sophisticated over the years so did my desire for aberration, yet the genre as a whole remained intransigent in its reluctance to accommodate for evolution. The Final Fantasy series seemed to contain all innovation within the genus while all others seemed content to remain in their Dragon Quest IV era bubble of indifference.

Whilst wearing the blinders of my jaded view of the "modern" RPG, I neglected to become cognisant of another series creeping into the public view like the second coming of a paraplegic Christ; Shin Megami Tensei. Upon the recommendation of an acquaintance, I decided to look into this curious statuette in an otherwise humdrum series of endless Mickey Mouse models. Although the idea of a role playing game set in a modern Japanese high school, sounded about as appealing as a Burstrick Wake Boarding marathon, I decided to forego my prejudice and attempt this foul beast.

Despite an insipid and long-winded beginning, the game digs its mighty talons in through its unique blend of quirky gameplay and indecipherable Japanese pop/rap, and like a Fuck Buttons song the game's story becomes more and more interesting as it goes along until finally it culminates in an amazing ending. The game plays out like a mix between traditional dungeon crawling based level grinding, and dating sim-esque stat building, but due to the game's attractive presentation, and ability to provide interesting titbits of story for every 'dating' scenario, the mundane essence of the gameplay goes relatively unnoticed.

The voice acting is largely on par for what I have come to expect from video games of today, but comparing it with its kindred Star Ocean 3-esque spirit, one could consider it above average. Technically, the game's visuals cannot stand up to modern day Killzone giants, but the artistry manages to shine through and distract you from the Playstation 2's lack of mechanical sleight.

Although the game has likely been superseded by its successor (the aptly named Persona 4), relating to that probability an opinion I cannot give. As it stands, Persona 3 is a quirky, enjoyable, addictive RPG with an engaging story and a host of likeable characters (and some not-so-likeable ones). One can accuse it of many shortcomings (the 'main character dies = party dies' mentality being at the foremost of these criticisms, although one can argue that this is thematically appropriate), however in this case the positives far outweigh any frustrations experienced relating to developer-based oversights. The more you play this game the more you realise the fundamental genius of it. It's too unique, too quirky, and too addictive to be anything but.

Started university last week.

2009-03-11 22:59:20 by Kuro

It's pretty sweet.

Started university last week.

I dislike this site now.

2008-12-27 21:49:27 by Kuro

I'm going to leave soon.


Managed to hack my PSP

2008-12-17 01:45:29 by Kuro

And by 'hack', I mean 'use other people's programs and a pre-modded battery to install custom firmware on'.

It's awesome, now I have a PSX emulator, a SNES emulator and a GBA emulator on my PSP, with a bunch of games.

Any suggestions for old games I could shove on there?

Just got Valkyria Chronicles.

2008-12-09 19:08:08 by Kuro

It's awesome so far.

Great visuals, in an artistic sense, though often I feel the landscapes look a little bare; excellent gameplay, though I do dislike the lack of any exploration (though that appears to be typical of strategy RPGs, I still thought it was good enough in Disgaea where you could walk around your castle); the voice acting is good, and I love how blu-ray means that the creators can easily include the original language track; it has tanks in an RPG; etc. etc.

The only real problem I have with it so far is that it was very annoying at one point to have nearly won a battle, but lost because Alicia got a little too close to a shocktrooper.

Still, good game so far. Buy it.

Just got Valkyria Chronicles.

Free at last!

2008-11-30 23:29:49 by Kuro

Thank God Almighty, I am free from secondary school at last.

Now to begin my three month long break from the education system before I go to university.

Free at last!

Ah, exam time...

2008-11-22 02:26:24 by Kuro

So I'm currently halfway through my NCEA level 3 and New Zealand scholarship exams. In a little over a week I will have finished secondary school forever. Well, hopefully.

So far I've done a scholarship chemistry exam, a scholarship statistics exam, an NCEA level 3 English exam and an NCEA level 3 Japanese exam (in which I wrote a nice review of Spirited Away). Only four exams to go.

If I pass the scholarship exams I get some money so it's not that important that I pass those, but the NCEA exams are where it counts. It's important that I pass NCEA level 3 at Excellence level.

So If I act a little... Angry, it's probably because I'm feeling a little stressed right now.

Or maybe I just don't like you. One of the two. Probably.

Ah, exam time...